Brand new video from the brilliant I.N.C – and they’ve roped in a heavyweight director to help

Directed by Thomas Mignone (Slipknot, AX7, Mudvayne) and starring Michael Rodrick (24, CSI, Without a Trace) ‘No Turning Back’ is the new single / video from U.S thrash metal band I.N.C. (Indestructible Noise Command).

The video tells the story of an evangelist in Southern California, luring in runaways and junkies in order to choose seven to murder one by one as a ritual to bring forth the end of days by the antichrist. The seventh victim is a twist, there are mistakes made, and the person he most cares about is abducted. Will he finish the rite before time runs out?

The album “Black Hearse Serenade” is brilliant – and there will be a full review on this website on Monday