What do you do when months of planning and preparation gets destroyed by a global pandemic? Well if you’re Delta Sleep, you take the project you were working on and turn it into a celebration – a celebration of the places you’ve been lucky enough to visit and serve notice that you’ll be back when the world allows.

“I wanted to spark feelings of serenity through a nostalgic Lord Of The Flies-esque depiction of a place on the water where kids rule everything” said lead singer and film maker Dev Yüceil about the short film that accompanies a musical performance of ‘Three Ghosts’, released today as part of a visual series and album. ‘Soft Sounds’ is an extra special collection of 10 stripped back tracks and videos recorded while touring.

Shot in Turkey, ‘Three Ghosts’ is built around a live performance by Delta Sleep, featuring local children and exploring growing old and living with Alzeihmer’s disease.

“The title song talks about issues with mental health, and so it married very well with themes of memory, and more specifically forgetting. My grandfather Teo struggled with Alzeihmer’s disease for the last few years of his life, and so I wanted to use my memories to paint a picture of things that he might have missed, or things that he had seen but that his mind was unable to actively be present for. I wanted to weave Teo’s perspective into the story of the kids, and so I adapted a poem I found by Daniel Mark Extrom which beautifully describes the inner struggles that Alzheimer’s disease confronts you with” Dev explained.

‘Soft Sounds’ will see a stripped down video (and track on streaming services) posted every Thursday until 23rd July, culminating in an exclusive new song recorded from the band’s homes in Brighton and Frome later this year.

Watch the videos for:

1. Afterimage (Otto, TX, US).
2. Strongthany (Tokyo, JP).
3. Dotwork (Paris, FR).
4. Dream Thang (Brooklyn, NY, US).
5. Camp Adventure (Tokyo, JP).

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