Svet Kant’s main man gives us the lowdown on his latest project

“Wanderlust” EP Indiegogo campaign

I’m Santiago and if you allow me to, I would like to have 2-3 minutes of your time and I’ll reward it with a smile (and if you want maybe something more).
To start off I want to tell you that I AM NOT:
  • your cousin from Angola or Liberia to ask for your mail so I can send you a 5.000.000 EUR heritage
  • I am not a banker in the UK asking for your details so you can collect a millionaire lottery prize
  • a VIAGRA seller that will offer you 100 bottles for 2 USD.
that being said so (and hopefully after catching your attention) I’ll proceed to tell you who I am, or what is this mail about. =D
I’m a musician from Ireland (born and raised in Argentina) that is looking to record its first solo EP (4 tracks) that I believe that you’ll like and find interesting.
If you’d like to, I invite you to check out my project at indiegogo following the link below.  In there you’ll find a short 2 minute funny video of me presenting the idea and playing some of the music that will be recorded eventually.
I also invite you to check my project and if you are interested, take anything you might consider useful and use it for your own purposes.  This is a great platform for independent musicians to connect with awesome people and to fund their projects without the need of big labels.  The interaction and relation between the musician and the fan is so much personal and that is just GREAT! and you get something in return for your donation!

Wanderlust track list:

  1. Time to sleep
  2. Attraction
  3. Day-dreaming
  4. Solivagant
I hope I didn’t bother and please feel free to share this with your friends and family, everything helps and remember that in exchange you get AWESOME REGARDS.
Sincerely,Santiago Kodela
What are you waiting for go, go, go!!! (Ed)