The Mystery Men Who Sound Huge


 Black Metal band come out of nowhere with debut record.

Everything about Earth And Pillars is massive.

Enormous, colossal, you name it, the appropriately named Earth And Pillars sound like the soundtrack to some world-ending maelstrom.

It’s so all-consuming and convincingly terrifying that you probably wouldn’t guess that the drums are programmed, or that the band just appeared out of nowhere this month. Hell, the band didn’t even have a page on Metal Archives until this month.

They emereged with debut record “Earth I” late last year. The record comprises just four, epic tracks.

Avantgarde Records has a history of unearthing obscure gems and Earth And Pillars are thought to be another score for the label by those in the know.

Fans of Fell Voices, Ash Borer, and Aurvandil will be right at home with “River,” a nearly 20-minute monster. Layer upon layer of warbling guitars give this a claustrophobic feel, almost like drowning.”

1. Earth 05‘51”
2. Rivers 17’16”
3. Lakes 12’25”
4. Tides 16’41”

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