Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel E.P: “Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel Goes Apeshit In Your Laundry” Release date” August 18th. And they release Monkey Spank, the single tomorrow – and we are delighted to ….urmmm…spank it early, with this exclusive.

The lead single encapsulate the juxtaposition between humour and angst perfectly! The track leads with a crunching riff that would please the likes of Slayer and 80’s Anthrax.

The band state:

“This is a new track from Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel, written as an ode everyone’s favourite solo pastime. Featuring a face-smashing metalcore- esque main riff, this track is sure to get people into a groove. It also features top shredding action form Drew, who really gets the chance to let loose – and with a catchy chorus, this one is sure to be a favourite at live shows.”

The E.P’s 5 tracks also includes the outrageous and hilarious “The Bishop of Bath & Wells”, the Lawnmower Deth influenced ‘James Dean is Dead’ and the scorching opus that is “Yellow Peril”.

Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel was initially formed in the early 90s by a bunch of friends that had played together in a variety of local rock and metal bands. Born of a love of metal and idiocy, Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel quickly established itself as something unique on the local music scene, combining energetic and heavy thrash sounds with Pythonesque themes of lunacy. The bands originality and heavy sound quickly made them popular and they established a powerful reputation as a live band across the south of England and into London.

There is always a tale to tell, and at the height of their popularity the band suffered its very own “Yoko Ono” moment, which brought their antics to an abrupt end. This was not, however, to be the end of the story – just before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, drummer “Uncle” Dave Allon started talks with the other band members with the aim of resurrecting the band, with both old and new material. This was met with great support from all, but geography and circumstance meant that only half of the old line-up (drummer, Dave Allon and rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Mike Trevor) could commit , and so Drew Lowe – a prolific guitarist and close friend of Dave was invited to become part of the mayhem. The resurrection was put on hold during the pandemic, but life returned to a semblance of normality the game was afoot.

The band wanted to showcase a mix of old and new tracks, and they embarked on writing and recording the 5 track E.P. “Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel Goes Apeshit In Your Laundry”. This is hoped to be the first of many releases, and the guys are looking forward to showcasing more classic and new material going forward.

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