They’ve already been Band of the Day here, but now we are thrilled to have the new single from ….Of Concrete Gods

The band are are set to release their brand new .EP ‘HurtPeopleHurtPeople’ on 13.10.23 via all streaming services. The E.P will accompanied by the bands forthcoming single ‘Death of a Fool’.

The E.P is a rip-roaring heavy assault to the senses with its crunching riffs, soaring vocals and thunderous rhythm section. The band state…

“The theme of the whole EP is summed up in the title – when people are hurt and broken, then most of the time they repeat the cycle and hurt other people that wander into their lives. It’s a hard cycle to break, and each song in the EP explores that idea from a different angle. Codependency, deceit, rejection, self harm, misanthrope, and various other forms of lashing out at people because you don’t believe yourself worthy of love”

Of Concrete Gods are a metal-tinged grunge band formed in 2018 in Luton (UK). Early singles Obsidian (2020) and Good Samaritan (2021) have drawn comparison to Soundgarden, Faith No More, and Alice in Chains.

The COVID pandemic, coupled with an illness in the band, forced a step back for a year or so. The band turned this setback into opportunity by spending the time writing and recording a more acoustic flavoured set of songs.

E.P. Our Trauma is not a Competition highlighted their love affair with 90s unplugged grunge and was released over the summer of 2022.

The E.P will be available in a physical format via the bands band camp page

HurtPeopleHurtPeople is due on October Friday 13th 2023

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