Mutant-Thoughts are back with their relentless upcoming release ‘UNWANTED SONG’ – a musing on the current political and cultural climate that touches on Brexit, corruption and discrimination.

Driven by a heady, maximalist on/off beat groove, the song takes aim at an inherent submissiveness in modern society – depicting it as mired in hypocrisy and with a manipulated sense of reality.

The opening line – ‘unconcerned legions, blithely feed their parasites‘ addresses the benign acceptance of vested interests that govern our lives, who use lies and physical force to drain resources from the helpless and dispossessed to further the causes of ‘progress’ and individual enrichment.

It portrays a justice system that allows whistleblowers to be severely punished (Wikileaks, Panama Papers, Obedrecht) for drawing attention to crimes against humanity while those responsible walk free.

In the attached video clip, the analogy of pieces on a chess board is a statement on how our lives are manipulated to further the ends of those in positions of power – where we are singled out and resistance or non-compliance is met with vitriol and anger.

‘UNWANTED SONG’ serves as a wake-up call, with the chorus line ‘inside, deceit and lies‘ a reminder that the ‘game’ is rigged against us, but finishes with the conclusion that corruption and lies are ultimately self-destructive – with the aggressor in the video finally seeing himself in the position of the ones he is attacking.






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