It’s only fitting that the brand new Muffs album makes its way out into the world via Omnivore Recordings, since that label reissued the Muffs’ three acclaimed first titles (The MuffsBlonder and Blonder, and Happy Birthday to Me). 
No Holiday, due out October 18, 2019on Omnivore Recordings, contains 18 tracks on CD, Digital, and a 2-LP set (with laser-etched fourth side).
The Muffs’ first new release in five years, No Holiday is a celebration of everything the band has always stood for, and continues to stand for. Bassist Ronnie Barnett says, “I think this new album represents the depth of our band like none of our others. It could have easily been aptly called The Many Moods of the Muffs. All of our strengths: melody, big rock, sweetness, nastiness . . . All on display and readily apparent. The three of us, after all these years, are a family. The love between us is well represented here. We laid it all out there on this one.”
Kim Shattuck (songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist) adds, “I wrote the songs between 1991 and 2017. We decided to have a long album and use songs that had been in my arsenal but were weeded out for super concise albums. They were all great songs and we didn’t want them to go to waste. No way!”
Drummer Roy McDonald: “I think No Holiday is the most unique album we’ve ever made — 18 songs that run the spectrum from full-blown productions to intimate home recordings. This was a labor of love for us and I think that comes out in the record. We wanted to create something lasting and special. I, for one, couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Welcome back Muffs!
Track Listing:
1. That’s For Me
2. Down Down Down
3. No Holiday
4. Earth Below Me
5. A Lovely Day Boo Hoo
6. Late And Sorry
7. The Best
8. Pollyanna
9. Sick Of This Old World
10. To That Funny Place
11. You Talk And You Talk
12. Happier Just Being With You
13. Lucky Charm
14. On My Own
15. Too Awake
16. Insane
17. The Kids Have Gone Away
18. Sky