Monster Magnet “Re-imagine” Last Patrol And Bring Out New Video


New Jersey rock gods return to the fray


Monster Magnet have today released their new video, “The Duke.”

The track, which originally appeared on last years brilliant “Last Patrol” record, features on the new album : “Milking The Stars: A Re-imagining Of Last Patrol.”

The new release features four new songs and some live tracks as well as some new versions of ….Patrol” tracks, but mainman Dave Wyndorf is quick to dismiss allegations of a cash-in and adds: “This was a happy experiment for me. It’s not a remix record by the current definition. It’s more like ‘Last Patrol’ in a ‘what-if?’-style alternate reality.

“‘What if these songs were recorded in 1968?’ ‘What would happen if I turned a pretty song into an angry one?’ ‘How would adding creepy organs and Mellotrons affect the emotional vibe of a song?’ These are just a few of the questions that roll around in my head when I write and record any album but this time I decided to actually answer them with fully fleshed out, recorded and mixed examples.

“The process actually created new songs. That’s the icing on the cake for me. New sounds, new vocals, different instruments and arrangements make for a weird 1960’s vibe totally apart from ‘Last Patrol’ which was fun for Phil, Bob, Garrett, mixer Joe Barresi and myself to explore.

“Finally there’s expanded versions of the songs ‘Last Patrol’ and ‘Three Kingfishers’ as recorded live at the AB club in Belgium, 2014. Both those songs were re-arranged for ‘maximum rock and psych’ before we hit the road last year and feature the debut performance of new bassist, Chris Kosnik. Personally, I think they beat the original versions.”

The animated video for The Duke was directed by Phil Mucci, famous for his work with Stone Sour.

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