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Bound to be on top, but without abandoning his origins, the American (Italian in origin), Shred guitarist MIKE CAMPESE, is back with his 9th studio album, “Chapters”. Almost crossing over the 70 minute line, MIKE CAMPESE is letting it all out: he surges through emotive states with heavenly inspired clashes of electric and acoustic guitar, whilst gliding over several of the tracks with his velvet vocals.

The journey towards “Chapters” began back in late 2013 when MIKE CAMPESE traveled in Italy on tour. Inspired by his travels, multiple ideas started to form. Most of MIKE CAMPESE’s compositions are fueled from his travels and it is not suprising that he was inspired by the beauty in Italy. “Chapters” is reminiscent of Italy but not of Italy alone. The Islands of Hawaii have also been one of MIKE CAMPESE’s soft spots, granting him with further inspiration in his music composition.

MIKE CAMPESE commented: “Welcome to my ninth solo album. This album features primarily acoustic guitar compositions with a touch of electric to add to the expression of the music. Most of these songs where written on my journeys in various parts of Italy and Hawaii

It is without a doubt that MIKE CAMPESE made this album as a heritage piece. It is highly recommended to enjoy the spiritual journey“Chapters” offers. Let go, and listen to the beautiful tones of the acoustic guitar matched with technical skill and mastery but also a certain ambience that is quite rare in guitar virtuoso oriented albums.


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