Here’s Bands Three And Four. Expect beer, metal and more metal

So here’s the thing.

A little earlier in the year, a process began that could change the lives of one band in the Wolverhampton area forever.

Way back in February 23 bands, three judges, two promoters and two harassed ladies who’s job it was to count the votes, started on the road that all came down to this. The Grand Final.

Six bands through. Only one plays Bloodstock in August. And there’s a set from the mighty Eradikator – who won the Birmingham version last year (and if you don’t know why you should see them, here’s our review from their gig on Saturday)

Good luck to all the bands – it’s been a real pleasure being a judge. All of the bands that have played would have graced the final, but only these six can.

Here’s bands three and four

Eyes Of The Raven
They say: 
We don’t two step, we’re nowhere near young enough to wear vests and have daft haircuts.
We use six string guitars, play metal and drink beer! We’re Eyes of the Raven.

We say: “This was a set that, as other times MVM has seen them recently, reaffirms the thought that Eyes Of The Raven are getting better and better. (MVM)

A Born Disaster
They say:
This style of metal is just what the world is asking for, fresh, original and damn right badass”. ‘ABD’ vow to bring down the gods from above, with loud, technical and metal melodic riffs that can only be described as Face Melting.

We say: everything that the guy’s say is right. Absolutely brilliant performance in the semi-final.

For more information, or to get your hands on one of the few remaining tickets, click here

And look out for part three tomorrow at 9pm.