MV approved proggers release new video

With the plaudits for their debut EP Insignia continuing to roll in, British prog metal maestros Memoreve are not taking it easy. Far from it, they are continuing their efforts to get their music out to as many people as possible, and the next step in that process is the bands’ brand new music video.

The clip is for the last song on the Insignia EP, Alleviate, and captures the mood of the song very effectively, in a very visual manner. Lots of different superlatives could be used to describe it, but the best thing to do would be to watch the video right now!

For those who have yet to experience Insignia, the EP artwork and the track listing can be found below:

Memoreve – Insignia Track List:

1) Insignia
2) These Reflections
3) Descendant
4) Alleviate

Alongside the release of Insignia, Memoreve have also recently wrapped up their first UK tour, entertaining audiences alongside the likes of Gabriel and Metaprism in places ranging from London to Edinburgh. The band are looking forward to getting back on the road again in the future, so keep your eyes open for announcements of further touring plans.

The future is bright for Memoreve, and everyone will be hearing more from them very soon.

Memoreve are:

Colin Callanan – Vocals
Anthony Quinn – Guitar
Alexander Green – Guitar
Matt Hudson – Bass
Ross Lavery – Drums
Adele Pease – Keyboards / Synthesisers