The Frontiers label is proud to present a new 3xCD collection that contains the three studio albums released by Mecca, the classic melodic rock/AOR outfit started by Chicago based vocalist Joe Vana. ‘Mecca’ (2002), ‘Undeniable’ (2011) and ‘III’ (2016) are all included on ’20 Years’, which will be released on 18th February 2022.

Vana’s life was changed forever at the age of thirteen via a chance meeting with Jim Peterik of Survivor, who taught him everything he knew about music and the music business. However, it subsequently took him another fifteen years to discover his voice, when he eventually became Peterik’s in-house demo singer. The duo started a band called Project Voyager, which ultimately morphed into Mecca and the 2002 release of a well received self-titled debut album that featured David Hungate (ex-Toto) on bass, Shannon Forrest on drums, Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto) and Vana on vocals, Mike Aquino on guitars and Jimmy Nichols on keyboards.

There was a nine year wait for its follow-up, but ‘Undeniable’ was well worth it. This time around, Vana worked with guitarists Christian Wolff and Tommy Denander (who was also involved in the songwriting and production) on a breathtaking album that perfectly melded the hi-tech approach of Mr. Mister’s ‘Welcome to the Real World’ with the commercial nous of Toto’s ‘The Seventh One’.

‘III’ followed in 2016 and again featured an impressive list of musicians that included Hungate and Forrest, keyboardist Tim Akers (Richard Marx, Amy Grant), plus Vana’s son Joey on guitar. Toto’s Steve Lukather was suitable enthused, stating: “Killer new music! Great songs! Great playing from everyone, and Joe’s vocals are better than ever! Smooth, real and soulful. I love the ‘surprise modulations’ that are now his style which make this a great listen for fans of his and the entire genre of melodic rock music. Creative arrangements throughout and I love the synth/keyboard work. David Hungate is amazing as is Shannon Forrest on drums and production. Great sounds and killer guitars all over it! Can’t say which track is my fave yet, cause I love all of them. Summing it up in three words: Well f***ing done!”

For all those who are yet to visit Mecca, this collection is for you!

1  Velocitized
2  Without You
3  Can’t Stop Love
4  Silence Of The Heart
5  You Still Shock Me
6  Mecca
7  Wishing Well
8  Close That Gap
9  Blinded By Emotion
10  Falling Down
11  Miss-Chevious (bonus track)
1  Perfect World
2  Closing Time
3  Ten Lifetimes
4  Life’s Too Short
5  I Know
6  Did It For Love
7  From The Start
8  Deceptive Cadence
9  W2W
10  Undeniable
11  As I Walk Alone
12  How Many Times (bonus track)
1  Take My Hand
2  Unknown
3  Alone
4  Gone
5  Cry
6  A Kiss On The Wind
7  Let It Go
8  Believe

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