Maximum goes back to its roots and sponsors youth metal night

Maximum Media Limited is delighted to announce that one of our brands, Maximum Volume Music, will be sponsoring a teen rock night in Wolverhampton next month.

Reactor, on 28th November will be the first teen rock night held at the fantastic Fixxion Warehouse, and we are one of the main sponsors.

For Maximum Media’s Andy Thorley, it means a chance to go back to his roots: “The first gig that I saw was at a youth rock club at Tressines nightclub in Birmingham in 1991,” he recalls. “Wolfsbane played and they were awesome.”

Andy was at the concert with his friend Donnie, who today is the other senior writer at Maximum Volume Music, and says Andy, it would be special if Fallout cemented lasting friendships amongst another generation: “Don and me have been best friends for over 30 years,” he explained. “And one of the key reasons for that is our mutual love of music, and the chance to be involved in something 23 years after our first concert that might help bring music to today’s youngsters is something that I am very excited about.”

Reactor takes place on 28th November between 7-10pm and features live bands and giveaways.