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New album  – HP Lovecraft features heavily

Doomy deathsters Tyrants Kall’s have just put out a new album.

“Gla’aki” was released on August 31st through the WITCHES BREW label, long awaited by all followers of Lovecraftian Horror, “Gla’aki” will enslave you and turn you into mindless zombies suffering in eternal torment that can only be endured by playing this record over and over. Recorded in winter 2014 at Hearse Studio (Belgium) & mastered by Y. Santens for Allegiance Recordings.

Stimulated by the intriguing literary works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft plus mixing Doom Metal, Old School Swedish Death Metal mingled with some slight Thrash Metal elements & 70’s Rock influences scattered about, while combined with a unique vocal approach.

TYRANTS KALL - Glarsquoaki cover art_zps1gskqwfw
01. The Kraken (05:36)
02. Medusa (05:17)
03. Gla’aki (03:51)
04. Evil Eye (05:42)
05. Michel Mauvais (02:01)
06. Miskatonic Witch (03:48)
07. Fearsome Dreams In The Deep (01:30)
08. The One That Slumbers (04:43)
09. Elixir Of Immortality (06:54)
TYRANT’S KALL “Gla’aki” CD as well as the LP reissue of their debut full length album “Dagon” are available now on the WITCHES BREW Webshop.

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