Les Carter (AKA Fruitbat from Carter USM) is not very good at self-promotion. He also hated being a pop star but loves being in a band, on tour, writing songs and making records.

After Carter USM disbanded Les formed a new band in 1998 and called it Abdoujaparov (to deliberately make life difficult for radio DJs and journalists). Thinking about it now he says it worked a bit too well. He probably should have called the band ‘Fruitbat, The Guy Who Rugby Tackled Philip Schofield’.

A new album from Abdoujaparov is rare and much anticipated by the loyal (and growing fanbase). Race Home Grow Love is the fifth studio album. It was written last year after spending four years touring and recording with Ferocious Dog. Then everything stopped and Les was at home twiddling his fingers and looking for something interesting to do. The album builds on the previous four releases with a more musically diverse palette. It keeps the punk pop roots of Les’ teenage years, but there is also something new, intriguing and almost worldly in these songs. It’s a cliché but it’s the best Abdoujaparov album yet.

The album features the current Abdou line-up of Les, Richy, Bomber, Jon who are joined by special guests John Hare (False Alarms), Pete Allinson III (Jim’s Super Stereoworld), Charley Stone (Gay Dad, Keith TOTPs and many others) and Dan Booth (Ferocious Dog).

The album will be released physically on limited edition CD (only available from www.carterusmstore.com) but will be on all major digital and streaming platforms too.

Here’s the track listing:
1.Tough Times
2. If You Want To Save The World (Listen To The Girl)
3. You Don’t Have To Be Alone
4. You’re Breaking Up
5. George
6. Valentine’s Picnic
7. Where Was The Love When You Stitched Me Up?
8. Brixton Flippin’ Riots
9. The Town Where I Grew Up
10. Goodbye Sweet Bread
11. The Battle’s Won
12. Bigger Better