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Northern Ireland’s new stoner kings announce new plans

Zlatanera,one of Belfast, Northern Ireland’s most promising emerging acts announced the release of the debut album Legerdemain, set for release on 5th August 2016.

Citing influences such as Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Entombed, Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, to name a few, the latter of which they were pleased to open for in Belfast in May 2016, the quintet have become known for their riff based, groove rock sound, surreal lyrics and immersive live shows. Not so easily pigeonholed, the band’s music consists of a variety of rock genres, which their solid hometown following have come to recognise and admire. Needless to say Zlatanera are a band to look out for and experience.

“Zlatanera’s music at it’s core is rock,” comments vocalist Andy Campbell. “But has many tributaries of sub-genres and cannot be so easily slotted into a convenient niche. You will hear a lot of the familiar but will be unable to pinpoint the exact.”

The band believe that each song on Legerdemain should not just be listened to but experienced, a journey from the first decibel. The lyrics and songs titles may initially come across as frivolous, which mirrors the band members personalities, but there is usually a darker underlying message in each that may warrant a closer look. The Zlatanera calling card to date has been their trilogy set of songs about the devil. Starting as a joke that every rock band should have a token song about the devil, it got out of hand and evolved into a three song tale about the dark lord.

There are other songs that have similarly fabricated narratives, with subject matter such as a misguided, depraved clergyman or a homicidal revenge seeking shoemaker. But the band also deal with the all too familiar addictions that most have endured through their lives, outlining the good as well as the bad, an antithesis with the issue unresolved.

Artwork as seen above was done by Jason Hendry and track Listing for Legerdemaincan be seen below.

1. A Bar Too Far
2. Wired
3. Master Of Ceremonies
4. Bad Case Of The Devil
5. Idle Hand Satanizer
6. Holy Man’s Crook
7. Hooked, Kicked, Hooked Again
8. Advance Of The Clodhopper

Upcoming Live Dates
29th October – DistortionFest, Limelight/Katys Bar – Belfast, UK
30th October – Siege of Limerick, Dolans Warehouse – Limerick, Ireland

Pre-order Legerdemain Here: http://zlatanera.bigcartel.com/


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