Synthwave Electronic Rock artist Battlejuice and retro rockers LeBrock join forces once again for this latest reforging of electronic rock and synthwave with industrial metal with their new single “Dust.”  Full of drive and eighties-inspired leads, featuring a powerhouse vocal performance from LeBrock
laced with ominous pulsing synthesizers, and heavy thrashing guitars, for an overall dynamic atmosphere “Dust“, is an anthem for those questioning our very purpose in tumultuous times with tensions around the world rising. “Dust” is a message that reverberates across time, space, and generations. What have we become?  

“Full of drive!” states Battlejuice“Dust” combines the power of guitar riffs, melodic vocal lines, and lyrics that reflect the unsettling state of the world today.”

“Dust” is out now from independent multi-genre music label FiXT


Back in the future, when Hell came to Earth, Battlejuice was born.

Combining ’80s melodic rock riffs with shimmering synthwave melodies and a heartfelt vocal delivery, LeBrock have established themselves as uniquely compelling artists unlike anyone else in contemporary music. 

The retro rockers’ first EP, Action and Romance, was a synth-heavy fan favorite that has earned millions of Spotify streams to date. The group followed it up with a more rock-oriented, vocal-driven EP, Real Thing, which was packed with fist-pumping retro anthems including the hit song, “Runaway.” The early success of the first two recordings caught the attention of retro synth label FiXT Neon, which signed the group to a multi-album deal and re-packaged and re-released the first two albums in the process. 

LeBrock‘s new material kicked off with a string of singles across 2019 and 2020, each one demonstrating the band’s unmatched capacity for timeless, hook-heavy anthems. With each new song, LeBrock has refined and honed their skill set, combining the best of ’80s melodic rock with throwback synths and a contemporary production edge for a sound that feels larger than life which culminated in the release of their first full-length album Fuse in June of 2021.