West Country post hardcore boys release new EP

Bristol post-hardcore five-some ‘Everyday Sidekicks’ hurl out ferocious energy pitched with melodic passage, all moulded together by raw grit and impassioned delivery. Utilising Archie Hatfield’s distinctive vocals, the rising riff slingers are destined to prove that they are ahead of the pack. The band unleash their new EP ‘The Things I’ve Seen’, out in stores on Friday 20th November.

The earliest beginnings of the band were ignited in 2012 when the crew struck out to their regional area with a host of successful shows. However, it wasn’t until last year, when they dropped their single ‘Hometown Hero’, that things really started to solidify for the quintet. From then on, the band commenced writing for their new EP ‘The Things I’ve Seen’, and played a plethora of shows with everyone from Marmozets and Shvpes to Coldrain, picking up support and coverage along the way from Vents Magazine, Discovered Magazine, Tour Life, Bryan Stars, and Blank TV.

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Everyday Sidekicks now charge forward with the official release of their new EP ‘The Things I’ve Seen’. Displaying six tracks of engaging post-hardcore that nod to everyone from A Day To Remember and Of Mice & Men, through to Let Live, this EP is laden with punchy riffs and thumping beats, and is driven by fierce passion and true belief. From the pounding riffage and full frontal delivery of ‘Mirrors’, to the dynamic and hooky refrains of ‘It’s All Smiles and Laughter’, and the captivating ‘Rosa’, the record is infectious and impressively layered, and primed to take the band to the giddy heights of the UK scene.


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