Even for a Black Metal band these guys are mysterious.

We get lots of albums sent to us each week at MVM. Some we like, some we don’t, some we review, some we feature and some we absolutely adore.

All of them, though, always come with a press release or some band info to help us along.

Not this one.

When this, the new release from German Black Metal trio, Kerker arrived, this was what it said: “A Dime For Bleak Faces” was recorded, mixed and mastered by neideck in winter 2012.
All music and lyrics written by Neideck and Arges.
Artwork and design by Arges.

Lineup (2012):
Neideck: guitars, vocals, piano and keys
Arges: bass
Dominion: drums

Then there was a link to a website which doesn’t seem to exist, there is no mention of the band on Facebook, Twitter or anything like that.

So here’s what we know. At the beginning of this month, the band re-released an album of Black Metal brutality.

Checking YouTube reveals that this may be them…..