Croydon/Crawley three-piece Press to MECO have announced their new album Transmute due for release on June 11th. The announcement also comes alongside the release of new single ‘Another day‘.

Fuelled by an uncertain future and conflicting feelings towards the connectivity and intensity of the modern world, Transmute wrestles with the idea of change. Drummer and vocalist, Lewis Williams comments “It questions whether we can make a significant change for the better, in ourselves, in our relationships and as a society. Positive change can sometimes feel like you’re trying to find a way to turn lead into gold.” 

In between lockdowns they managed to fly their producer “Machine” (Lamb of god, Every Time I Die, As It Is), to the UK and get away to the Cotswolds to pull together a rag tag studio in a 16th century hunting lodge tower, where Lewis Williams and Luke Caley had previously written the album. Joined by new member and long-time friend Jake Crawford (ACODA, Dan Lancaster) stepping in to fill the role of bassist, the band begged borrowed and stole (not literally) the equipment needed to build a makeshift studio, creating different recording spaces throughout the tower, out of Ikea furniture and whatever they could get their hands on. It says everything about the band and the album they created. After having doubts about even wanting to continue a career in music and mentally reaching their lowest point they managed to come together, rekindle the passion and write their best material to date, and amidst the chaos of 2020 they managed to capture it, in an insane and beautiful journey of creativity and friendship.

Transmute is a turning point for the re-complete trio, it sees the band streamline their earlier math-rock influences and “musical trickery” and deliver a stronger vibe and definitive feeling with every track. The outcome is an album that shows maturity and focuses on their particular strength in anthemic alt-rock. It’s a dynamic record where the heavy moments are brutal, the quiet aspects are beautiful, and the cinematic flourishes make the whole thing feel epic.

Alongside the announcement of their third studio album the band also release brand new single Another Day, a track which began its inception at a tricky time for the band. Williams comments – “We wrote Another Day at a time when we weren’t even sure if we wanted to continue being a band. It’s about being at your lowest point and having resentment towards a dream, an ideal or a relationship you probably should have given up on a while ago. It talks about the aversion towards doing the positive things you know will help you and the inclination to continually put those things off.”

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