Gone‘ is the final video in a trilogy that began with ‘Woody’s Landlord‘ (released October, 2016) and followed by ‘Gonna Be Great‘ in 2017. During the heart of the pandemic, on the cusp of the most important election in American history, Tim Grimm reflects on what we have lost and what may lay ahead.

Back in the fall of 2016, many of you heard Tim Grimm‘s single, ‘Woody’s Landlord’, recorded with Tim’s Family Band, consisting of his wife Jan Lucas and two sons Connor and Jackson, which became the No. 1 played song on US folk radio of 2016. Tim approached the song and accompanying video with a tongue-in-cheek spirit and like so many, just didn’t expect the outcome of that election, so quickly returned to his songwriting, capturing the mood with ‘Gonna Be Great’, which was US folk radio’s No. 1 song of 2017 and was included on the album A Stranger in this Time (the No. 1 CD US folk radio of that year as well). A compelling indictment of what ensued following the election, Tim admitted, “I honestly had hoped that these would be what Tom Paxton once described as ‘short shelf-life songs’. Sadly no.”

And now once again, Tim Grimm captures in song the angst that many across the world are feeling. “2020 rolls round and not only has it felt we’ve been living in a surreal dream with all that’s happening politically, but then the pandemic hits…. And like many of us,” Grimm continues, “now with lots of time on my hands I begin writing, and GONE comes…. influenced by social distancing…the almost complete shut-down of live performance spaces, and the scramble to make streaming online concerts a viable alternative…..the evidence of the ever-expanding chasm between two sets of American ideals, leading to the both hopeful…and dreaded November election.”

And if that’s not enough, Tim elaborates, “but there is more we are dealing with —the shocking loss of so many American folk artists – David Olney, Eric Taylor, John Prine, and Michael Smith…and finally the exhaustion of living four years under an Administration that is devoid of poetry, music and art…. And Grace. Well, these are the thoughts that created GONE.”

‘GONE’ is also kind of a hypnotic song, one that Tim Grimm regards as a meditation. And as to his band, Tim proudly tells us, “I’m so fortunate to have my sons, Connor (bass and piano), and Jackson (banjo) who are both onboard, as is Jason Wilber (electric guitar) – a longtime friend whose 25 years as Prine’s guitarist have sadly come to an end. And for the first time I’m working with James Gilmer (percussion), who had worked with my friend, Eric Taylor.”

And lastly, a friend to many of us in the folk music world, Tim adds his sincere gratitude for all his airplay on your shows, “Thanks for listening. Thanks for playing, and for doing what you do. Be safe and be well.”

Look out for a full album release from Tim Grimm in early 2021.


They say it’s getting warmer- it takes a little time

There’s music in the cafe now, drinks all in a line

No one knows the time they say, and no one knows the day

Half of us don’t give a damn and the rest just stay away


Something’s gone

I saw it in a headline, I read it in a psalm

It slipped into the courtroom when the judges were all gone

Then drove across the country toward the southern border wall

We sit across the table, I counted off the steps

But the lights have all been broken- we can’t see past ourselves

I’d like to call you brother but the bridges have all burned

And the things you say without a mask bring darkness to this world


There’s broken wings and crippled creeks and crooked little hearts

And the man who brought us Paradise has laid down his guitar

He sang Angel from Montgomery – It’s a Big Old Goofy World

And there’s hope in knowing everywhere some people know the words….


(3rd line- It slipped onto the highway where the Grapes of Wrath have gone)

It used to be four Horsemen, now it’s just a single one

They say in Revelation that doom will finally come

There’s a rider in the White House and Liberty has run

Everywhere you turn these days, there’s another smoking gun