UK punk legends PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES are back with their latest and greatest album Fuctifano, which is out now via Arising Empire. Fourteen stories about love, revenge, violence, parenthood, health, the black economy, home improvement, social media addiction and of course drinking. There’s a twist in every tale so expect the bleedin’ obvious! What does that all mean? Fuctifano!

The band have also released a DIY lyric video for new track ‘Screwed Down’ – watch here:

Order Fuctifano on CD or exclusive and limited vinyl, here:

Watch the music video for ‘Facebook Loser’ here:
Watch the official video for their second single ‘Queen Of F***ing Everything’ here:

Fuctifano tracklist:

01. Liver’s Lament
02. Facebook Loser
03. Hell To Pay
04. Cydrated
05. Saturday Dad
06. Gravy Train
07. I Ain’t Missing Her Yet
08. Wanker
09. Small Victories
10. Punched Awake
11. Tales Of The Bleedin’ Obvious
12. Screwed Down
13. Queen Of Fucking Everything
14. Liver’s Lament (Reprise)

Peter Bywaters | Vocals
Derek ‘Del’ Greening | Guitar
Nick Abnett | Bass
Sam Fuller | Drums

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