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If, for some bizarre reason, you believe Joe Bonamassa is now too ”old-hat” for you then check out the new breed.


The British Blues Revival that started in the 1960’s has kept afloat amongst the constant shifting popular music waters over the past 50 years.

Unsurprisingly, London has historically been the hub for showcasing the latest Blues talents. However, step away from the capital and you will find a plethora of young talent. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Derbyshire market town of Glossop.

Currently the town’s selling point is as ”the gateway to the Peak District”. Also the more football-literate of you may know that Glossop North End were the smallest town in England to have ever had a team in the top tier of the Football League. Granted it was 100 years ago but still it’s something the town can be proud of.

Something for the locals to get excited about and get behind in slightly more recent times is the emergence of young bluesman by the name of Alex McKown.

Brought up with a guitar and a love of the blues, a father can’t do much more as my own young son will testify!, it did not take long for a natural talent to reveal itself. As you might expect plenty of character building and performance enhancing gigs followed, as did the deserved recognition. Nominated four times as Best British Blues Artist by the time you learn to drive is something to show the young man is very much on the right track.

Look back through your Blues History Encyclopedia and you will see countless stories and tales of blues musicians starting ridiculously young, in fact it’s probably the longest career in music you can have considering the amount of artists that go on well into their 80’s. McKown can also claim to have sacrificed years of playing football and such boyhood pursuits for honing his considerable guitar skills.

Once you hear his music you will agree that those endless hours of practise and repitition were well worth it.

His latest album “Go With The Flow” came out early in the year and for more information including tour dates and sample tracks go to the website

Maximum Volume Music will be in attendance at his Nottingham gig on 15th November and will post a review very shortly after.

If you want to find out where the real UK talent is then you should not be relying on the soulless, formulaic dross from ITV and the like. You need to be getting out to local gigs and watching and supporting artists like Alex McKown. If you are reading this website then you would most probably know that already.

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