SPYRES return today with their first new music of the year. New single ‘Sleep Forever’ makes for a stirring statement ahead of what is set to be an exciting 2023 for the Glasgow four-piece.

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Sleep Forever’s gentle introduction soon enough whips itself into a sugar-rush of distorted guitars in a way that mirrors the point the Glasgow four-piece are trying to make: that with the passing of time, the more chaotic and noisier the world can become. With their new single the band dismisses confrontation and says it’s OK to put reality on pause sometimes. It’s a paean to the power of fantasies, youth and escapism, as vocalist/guitarist Keira McGuire explains:

“Sleep Forever is a song about blocking out the realities of life and living in your own world, not wanting to grow up, becoming an adult which puts an end to teenage daydreams and fantasies.”

Spyres recognise that day to day in the modern world is often so much about looking for the next dopamine hit. Sleep Forever is inspired by the act of slowing down, letting yourself drift, and being in the here and now – whether that means a fantasy or reality.

“Everything is better in my daydreams, I like it up here in the clouds.”

Spyres are:

Alex White – Drums
Emily Downie – Guitar
Jude Curran – Bass
Keira McGuire – Vocals / guitar

SPYRES: Spotify | Apple Music | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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