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Californian power metallers reveal album plans

Sacramento, California based power metal band DIRE PERIL have released the artwork and track list for their upcoming full length debut album “The Extraterrestrial Compendium” to be released during 2016.

Dire Peril guitarist Jason Ashcraft has checked in with the following comment:

The band just ran a successful indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the new album and as a promise for reaching our stretch goal, we are releasing the album cover artwork and track list early to the public. The artwork was created by french artist Gwen Vibancos.


Dire Peril – “The Extraterrestrial Compendium” track list:

01: TMA-0
02: Yautja (Hunter Culture)
03: Planet Preservation
04: Enemy Mine
05: The Visitor
06: Altar IV: The Forbidden Planet
07: Total Recall
08: Queen of the Galaxy*
09: Roughnecks
10: Blood in the Ice
11: Riddick’s Fury
12: TMA-1
13: A Space Odyssey

The album will be mixed by Carlos Alvarez of Dirty Viking Audio Productions and will ultimately b mastered in France at Tower Studios (Ayreon, Megadeth)

Dire Peril

John Yelland – Vocals (Judicator)
Jason Ashcraft – Rhythm, Lead, Acoustic & Bass Guitars (Helion Prime)

Jason states: The new version of the song “Queen of the Galaxy” (2015) is a re-recording from the band’s EP of the same name and will once again feature Unleash the Archers vocalist Brittney Slayes. “I always knew I would want to redo a song from one of the first Dire Peril EP’s as the production was never quite there in terms of what I wanted for the band. When the time came to choose a song, I felt this one fit the theme of the album perfectly.”

“The theme behind the album is that each song is based off a different sci-fi related film: Predator, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Enemy Mine, K-PAX, Forbidden Planet, Total Recall, Barbarella, Starship Troopers, The Thing, The Riddick Series and 2001: A Space Odyssey”.

“I can’t wait to get this album out. It has been a long time coming for Dire Peril to release a full length and honestly something that should have happened long ago. We are hard at work right now getting this album recorded and more news will follow to include the album release date”.

For the latest band news and show dates, visit the official Dire Peril Facebook page:

Official Dire Peril Facebook page

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