Jon Reynolds & The Aches have revealed a beautifully serene acoustic performance video of their new single, ‘Imogene’, taken from the forthcoming debut EP Petrichor out January 22nd.

The acoustic version of ‘Imogene’ retains the liberty and optimism that’s harnessed within the original while adding a touch of tenderness as Jon softly sings of his love and appreciation for his hometown from the comfort of his front porch swing in East Nashville.

Regarding the song Jon says, “It’s a song about breaking out of the moulds that we’ve been put in. We all have the power to create the lives that we want for ourselves. For me, that freedom is represented by Nashville. This city is my escape and this song is a love letter to the feeling it’s given me.

Jon Reynolds & The Aches first emerged in 2018 with two well-received singles ‘Undertow’ and ‘Tomorrow’s News’. Following the release and a period of reflection, Jon buried himself in the studio with engineer Owen Lewis (Willie Nelson, Snow Patrol, R.E.M) and drummer Matt Singler to work on new material. He settled into the producer’s chair with a clear sense of purpose: sounding like himself.

“I’d rewrite lyrics minutes before tracking, scrap a day of work because it didn’t hit the right vibe,” Jon explains. “I had to address some personal struggles all in the name of creating my most authentic expression.”

This newfound clarity can be found in ‘Imogene’, as well as the previously released touching guitar ballad ‘Come Now Spring’ and the driving pop rock of ‘Love Blind’, both taken from the forthcoming Petrichor EP.

Centred on revitalisation themes, the tracks delve into depression, heartbreak and self-discovery. Surrounding the dense, humanistic lyrics is Jon’s musical signature, an evolution of modern pop rock and larger than life vocal arrangements resting on an ethereal hum of timeless comfort.


  1. Imogene
  2. Heartbreak
  3. Leather Jacket
  4. Come Now Spring
  5. Love Blind
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