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Brand new Greek Classic Metal band release first EP on Witches Brew

Greek Heavy Metal band SABOTER released their first official material in the form of a self titled MCD through the Metal Music Label WITCHES BREW.

Production for the MCD was performed at the Eleventh Tower recording studios in Athens, Greece over the course of August and September of 2014 with Harris Vogiatzis in the producers role.

SABOTER say they “play straightforward pure Metal with influences from the very best of early 90’s; mixing Classic Heavy Metal and US styled Thrash to create crunch laden riffs, powerful vocals and addicting melodies on their 5 track debut effort!” Which is pretty decent confidence in fairness to them!

SABOTER was formed in Greece in mid 2014 by members of the Thrash band OVERCAST, but they were looking to leave that behind as they explain: “We had the desire to play a more traditional Heavy Metal style. We think we achieved that on their debut 5 track EP on Witches Brew, where pure Classic Heavy Metal meets US Thrash for over 18 minutes of crunch laden riffs, powerful vocals and addicting melodies!”

This is straightforward pure Metal taking influence from the very best of early 90s MELIAH RAGE, SANCTUARY, JUDAS PRIEST, METALLICA and ICED EARTH!


The EP is available here:
and also on the labels Bandcamp page :

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