Amigo The Devil (aka Danny Kiranos) recently released his second album, ‘Born Against’, to rave reviews worldwide. His US fans will soon have the chance to see him perform songs from it on a 50+ date tour that has just been announced and commences in mid-August, but those in the UK and mainland Europe will have to wait a little longer.

Kiranos played a special show on 4th June billed as ‘Amigo The Devil : Caving In’, with all who purchased tickets to stream the event witnessing something truly memorable. To celebrate his return to the regular live arena, an acoustic rendition of the song ‘Murder At The Bingo Hall’ from that evening has been made available to view. As Kiranos performs isolated in a cave several storeys below ground, the backdrop provides a perfect, eerie setting for his satirical and fast-paced delivery.

“The song is a tongue-in-cheek, first person account of a fiercely competitive and somewhat paranoid gamer who takes his bingo a little too seriously,” muses Kiranos. “While its title may imply a possible homicide, the figurative murder signifies the protagonist’s triumph over his opponents with his weapons of choice – a dabber and a bingo card.”

‘Born Against’ has firmly established Kiranos as a masterful storyteller and fearless raconteur who makes his listeners think, laugh, cry or feel unsettled, often all in the same song. He is a diverse and cinematic songwriter with an emotive vocal range who challenges us to look at ourselves as human beings – the good, the bad and the unusual. Already known for his dark and macabre storytelling, the album expanded his repertoire with romantic, philosophical and emotional narratives, achieved without sacrificing the genre-bending style that had already garnered him reams of critical praise and a passionate worldwide following. Drawing inspiration from master storytellers such as Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, as well as recent works by the likes of Fiona Apple and Father John Misty, his new songs are vivid tales of flawed protagonists on the edge, desperately clinging to some sense of stability while following their heart’s chosen path.

Kiranos is also a fiery and passionate live performer who fully engages with audiences, making his shows communal affairs and an experience like no other. His fervent fanbase were thrilled with what they heard on ‘Born Against’ and the media agreed, with a number of critics already calling it one of the best records of the year so far and a shoe-in for ‘Best of 2021’ lists.

‘Born Against’ is the follow up to ‘Everything Is Fine’, which crossed musical boundaries by connecting with fans of rock, folk, Americana, country, metal and more. It resonated deeply on both sides of the pond and was promoted with a first UK and mainland European trek just before lockdown in early 2020 that had audiences in raptures wherever he played. 2022 is sure to see more of the same.


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