Thousand Thoughts follow up from the announcement of their German tour dates with powerful new single ‘Stigma’.

The track represents the disconnect in everyday life when battling with mental health and personal circumstances. Digging deeper on the track, vocalist Ethan Smith says “Every day, we all have issues and battles – and we don’t truly know when somebody needs a helping hand, or a friendly ear. We’ve all become very good at keeping it to ourselves by masking, and need to break down these barriers by simply showing those around us a little more empathy.”

“We all need to be more understanding, and supportive of each other.”

Continuing to thrive through the battle Ethan adds “In early 2019, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her strength throughout this illness has been truly inspiring, and I’m so proud of her. Whilst going through this with my family, my personal anguish caused me to distance myself somewhat, and the song Stigma was a result of a period of learning.”

With a visually captivating video, Thousand Thoughts show how preoccupied consumers can be in 2020 – too focused in their own moments to reach out. A dynamic and distorted moment, ‘Stigma’ is a visual representation of the music the band have produced and continue to work on. An optically suffocating video focuses on vocalist Ethan Smith stuck behind a screen, elevating the sense of ignorance in the visuals.

The track is an explanation of why empathy is so important, hard hitting guitars fly through with a distorted haze. A reactive song that shows the passion in the music and what they’ve produced. The track has already had great support from Spotify being added to the likes of New Blood, New Core Metal UK and New Metal Tracks.

Listen to Stigma Here

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