Down & Dirty is a ’70s funky energetic rocking Stratocaster cranked through a tweed amp kinda song with a rhythm section that drives the track HARD through the grease and sleaze. This song lives up to its title.

Award-winning Australian guitarist/singer/songwriter Gwyn Ashton has assembled a trio in his hometown of Adelaide, South Australia and recorded this lofi production of one of his latest tracks Down & Dirty, that he penned with co-writer Garry Allen. Also on the recording is Michael Bryant on bass and Enrico Mick Morena on drums.

Using only one microphone to capture the entire drum kit and one mic on the guitar amp, Ashton took the raw files and mixed themĀ on hisĀ mobile studio. The track was then mastered by David Mitson, in Stourbridge England, former chief mastering engineer for 30 years at Sony Music LA.