Headed by brothers, Marty and Matt Bohannon, the Bohannons are one of America’a undiscovered musical treasures. A massively under appreciated band that has been doing it their way for 20+ years.

Brothers Bohannon along with drummer Mike Gault and bassist Justin Colburn are set to release their latest studio album Night Construction this spring(Cornelius Chapel). Splitting Tennessee and Alabama – Chattanooga and Birmingham respectively – the band emerges from post-Covid paranoia and doubt to claim what is rightfully theirs. 

Recorded and mixed at Dial Back Sound in Mississippi and Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA by Henry Barbe, the Bohannons’ fifth album, Night Construction, is a down-to-earth, objectively heavy snapshot of two red-headed brothers scratching a headspace that can’t come to terms with a cultural friction that only the Southeastern United States can whip up.

Time and distance are simply tools of creativity for the band.  Their orbit has had its revolutions, but given that the story of the Bohannons is based on reflection and the fact that a tumultuous past is omnipresent. Difficult times and difficult places have always been at the center of the writing and Night Construction is proof that dreams are escape, good and evil are real and that there is hope for justice out there somewhere.

Bohannons’ new studio LP Night Construction will be available on May 12th via Cornelius Chapel Records. Click here to pre-order.

Bohannons’ new single “Dance on the Grave of Bobby Lee” is out now! Click here to purchase/stream.

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