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tereogum has premiered new Ion Dissonance track “Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task,” off the Montreal band’s upcoming new album, Cast the First Stone.

A monstrous comeback after five years’ silence, Cast the First Stone will be released November 18th on Good Fight Music.

Stereogum’s Doug Moore exalts Ion Dissonance’s vexing puzzles of technicality and groove, calling the band “absolute masters of this brains-and-brawn dichotomy.”

Listen, here:

Ion Dissonance first mixed dizzying math and earthquaking heaviness back in the early/mid ’00s and, along with bands like Despised Icon and The Red Chord, set the stage for hundreds of like-minded bands to follow. Ion Dissonance’s impact on the current state of metal and hardcore is massive – and with new album Cast the First Stone, these forefathers have returned to continue pushing the genre forward.

Pre-order, here:

The band are currently playing shows across the USA with Fit For An Autopsy and a slot on Texas Revolution Fest with Hatebreed.

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The tracklist is as follows:

1) Burdens
2) The Truth Will Set You Free
3) To Expiate
4) To Lift the Dead Hand of the Past
5) Untitled II
6) Suffering: The Art of Letting Go
7) Ill Will
8) (D.A.B.D.A.) State of Discomposure
9) Treading on Thin Ice
10) Virtue

11) Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task

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