Give Your Life Some Discipline


Finnish band, who take the Emperor sounds and run with it

Three years in the making and now, DISCIPLINE by WRATHAGE is finally coming out. A unique blend of Emperor-like epic melodies, twisted avantgarde guitar work and Finnish harshness.
It’s an epic journey through the lizard brain to a myriad of dark uncharted territories, exploring different DISCIPLINEs of the mind and body.

This is Extreme metal art from Oulu, Finland, since 1997.And here are some facts that are interesting about the band, we thought anyway!

– Kuismahc also plays the drums in Kalmah (
– Khaos from Deatchain & Deathbound guest vocals on “Distortion”.
– Former Catamenia frontman Olli “Oujee” Mustonen guest vocals on “Born girt for war” and “Unslaved”.
– Scythe & D.V Grim who run the band are identical twins.

Scythe – Bass, Vocals, guitars
D.V Grim – Vocals, guitars
Kuismahc – Drums
H-beast: Lead guitar
Viha – Lead guitar
Tero Nevala – Keyboards
Koba – Lyrics

1. Dark matter
2. Born girt for war
3. Of the great chief
4. Walking to death
5. Unslaved
6. Distortion
7. Reptilian
8. Sadicum
9. The crawlspace
10. Dawn of the angry (Morbid angel cover)


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