Tasmanian garage-punks, A.Swayze & the Ghosts have rolled out their epic, 10 minute tune today titled “Reciprocation“, found on the flipside of their debut 12” released on March 29th via Rough Trade Records, available to pre-order here.

Reciprocation is a cheeky but meaningful look at disjointed relationships that builds and explodes: “I want you, why don’t you want me back? I love you, why don’t you love me back?” A 10+ minute song on the b-side of your debut single isn’t a move for the faint of heart, but when it’s been written and recorded in a bedroom in the early hours of a freezing Tasmanian morning, what other offering is there?

The heartbeat of the drums acts as the only constant, churning through the song, battling both with and against Swayze’s meandering vocal delivery. Much like their live shows, it is chaos: but with a devastating need for cementation and control.

“Give it back” snarls Andrew Swayze, over and over, as if the end of Reciprocation turns into the climax of some low-budget 70s porno, but through the disguised sentiment there is an undeniable sensitivity and fragility- someone begging for any form of equilibrium- and this is mirrored in the music. Again; chaotic, tangential, but always regaining its centre.

Following their driving lead single “Suddenly” (watch video) Reciprocation is the second new offering from a band that have grown with the DNA of legendary artists such as Iggy & The Stooges, Television, Fugazi, The Ramones and The Saints. They will be making the long journey to the UK in May (possibly the longest?) where they will play The Great Escape Festival and UK shows from the dates below. Don’t miss them…

See A.Swayze & the Ghosts live on their debut UK tour: 

May 9th – Brighton, UK – The Great Escape Festival
May 13th – Bristol, UK – Hy-Brasil Music Club (Nude Party Support)
May 15th – Dublin, Ireland – Whelans (Nude Party Support)
May 16th – Belfast, Ireland – Empire Music Hall (Nude Party Support)
May 17th – Glasgow, UK – Mono (Nude Party Support)
May 20th – London, UK – The Old Blue (Headline/Free show)

Pre-order the vinyl at http://rtrecs.co/suddenly.

*The band are also signed to Australian indie label Ivy League Records (Rolling Blackouts C.F., Hatchie).

Rough Trade Records
Ivy League Records

A.Swayze & the Ghosts are: 

Andrew Swayze (guitar/vocals)
Hendrik Wipprecht (guitar)
Ben Simms (bass)
Zackary Blain (drums)

*The band are also signed to Australian indie label Ivy League Records (Rolling Blackouts C.F., Hatchie).