Get These Monkeys On Your Jukebox – That Is An Order!


Stoner rock and beards? Step this way!

You know us at MVM, we like stoner rock and beards. So imagine our excitement when this little beauty dropped in our inbox the other week!

Jukebox Monkey asked us to review their new EP, Vs.Time. Haven’t heard of them yet? You soon will!

Jukebox Monkey – a four-piece southern stoner rock juggernaut formed in 2010 from the deep dark inbred forests of Kent, UK – return with their latest slice of riff-dom, Vs Time.

Defined by their monolithic groove-stomping stoner rock, their sound steals shamelessly from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC alongside modern head-butts to Down, Clutch and Kyuss.

Vs Time, out on Jan 12th 2015, is 5 fat slabs of heavy pounding sonic assault that will take you on a bass-bruising progressive journey which you’ll not want to end.

The monkey is loose, on the road in 2015 and it’s after your throat. If you see it, don’t feed it. And you can catch our review soon.


 Feb 27th – Rafter, Maidstone

Mar 9th – Dover Community Radio (live session)

Mar 13th – Lady Luck, Canterbury

Jun 20th – Festive Isle, Quex Park Birchington

‘VS. TIME’ the new EP from Jukebox Monkey is available on iTunes and Spotify.





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