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As Los Angeles, California’s apocalyptic BLOODSCRIBE prepares their sophomore album, Prologue To The Apocalypse, for release this week, the entire record has been unveiled early through an exclusive album premiere via
Get ripped apart, and listen to BLOODSCRIBE’s Prologue To The Apocalypse at MetalUnderground HERE
Set for official release Feb 10th through Gore House Productions http://store.gorehouseproductions 

“Prologue To The Apocalypse” works as a complete experience, each song enjoyable with not a torrid, riff-drenched second wasted. Textured riff work is omnipresent; big, meaty chunks and bloody shards are present at every treacherous turn. BLOODSCRIBE may not knock the legends from their lofty pedestals, but the quartet can certainly hold its own. This is a hungry new band out to blacken hearts and minds with their dark, swirling, catchy, sinister Death Metal, and with “Prologue To The Apocalypse” they’re off to a helluva start.
“Prologue to the Apocalypse is our long awaited first full length album. It embodies BLOODSCRIBE as a whole and showcases the sound we have long been evolving into”, states vocalist Jasan Perez. Prologue to the Apocalypse is not just another death metal album, but rather a statement of self-reliance that goes against social standards that have weakened our society.” Says the Band


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