Hailing from Kansas, THEY WATCH US FROM THE MOON have landed to present their new single “MOAB” taken from the upcoming magnum opus Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension. The new record will be released on 5th May, 2023 via New Heavy Sounds. The band comment,

“Alien abduction, bases on the Moon and all things Sci-Fi weave through the entire album. As with all science fiction, the story leads into a conversation about what path of destruction humans put themselves on to arrive to the future in such a fantastical way. Mother Of All Bastards was written as a reflection of that in our times. The lyrical imagery paints a very dower picture of a future yet to come and our inability to stop it.

Stream “MOAB” here: https://theywatchusfromthemoon.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-chronicles-act-i-the-ascension

TWUFTM are a band that has a concept behind the groove. Sci-fi space opera, a love for BOWIE and QUEEN, brought to the fore visually, in their mashing of comic book narratives and funkadelic style alter ego’s. TWUFTM is truly an immersive experience on every level. Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension is space opera for heavy psych doommers and shoegazers alike. This is something new within heavy psychedelics, in fact it’s something new anywhere.

Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension contains 5 immense tracks chock full of weight and brimming with melody. Clocking in at around 44 minutes, Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascensionnever outstays its welcomeIn our opinion, it’s an almost frighteningly impressive, opening offering. Welcome to the (other) world of THEY WATCH US FROM THE MOON. Watch the skies.

And, as with all NHS releases, the album is available in a limited edition deluxe vinyl package. Full colour printed outer and inner sleeve, housing an appropriately cosmic, blue and purple swirl disc. Also comes as a limited edition digipack CD and digital download via the usual suspects.

Pre-order Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension here: https://cargorecordsdirect.co.uk/products/they-watch-us-from-the-moon-chronicle-act-1-the-ascension


Luna Nemesis – Lead Vocals

The General Shane Thirteen – Guitar and Vocals 

Adryon Prahktaur – Drums

Zakkatron – Bass

R. Benjamin Black – Lead Guitar and Vocals

Nova 10101001 – Vocals


Bandcamp: https://theywatchusfromthemoon.bandcamp.com/music

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialtwuftm

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theywatchusfromthemoon/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialtwuftm

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