Frost* @Bilston Robin: 19/06/2016


Garry gets to Bilston for the prog supergroup

It’s the height of summer…’s cricket season and we’re on the verge of Wimbledon fortnight so of course the weather is similar to when Noah came back from B&Q with a load of timber,  plus it’s also a Sunday evening…..but never the less the Prog fraternity were out in force for the long overdue return of Frost*
I arrived just in time to see support band Kiama finish their set so I’m afraid it would be remiss of me to comment on their performance, during the interval there was a real buzz around the place though building up to the headline act of the night Frost*… was a real good turn out, maybe pushing the 500 mark I would say……which is exactly what you would expect for what quite rightly many class as a Prog supergroup and also a band that have recently released the stunning new album ‘Falling Satellites’
Band leader Jem Godfrey strolled on stage in low key fashion to play the solo offering ‘First Day’ before the rest of the band joined him for the Wang Chung-esque (no disrespect at all there as they are one of my favourite bands) ‘Numbers’ from the afore mentioned new album, it was clear to see the band were in fine form from the off.
Tracks followed such as ‘Hyperventilate’ & ‘Signs’ before Jem announced they were going to treat us all to the 31 minute piece ‘Sunlight’ from the new album…..consisting of the stunning ‘Heartstrings’, ‘Closer To The Sun’, ‘The Raging Against The Dying…..’ And so on……absolutely magnificent!!!!!
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a band have so much fun together on stage…..the constant winks, face pulling and in jokes just made for a thoroughly fun experience which spread across the audience… this good, this technical and this well performed shouldn’t be treated lightly…..or should it??? Maybe some performers take themselves too seriously and are unable to let their lighter side come through whilst delivering the goods… one is asking for a stand up routine but a smile, a laugh and a joke is infectious and the crowd at the Bilston Robin were certainly happy to accept this judging by the reaction of the punters gathered.
Frost* are a unique band of travelling minstrels……all are at the very top of their game, Nathan King is a real fine bass player and back up singer who is the epitome of cool itself, John Mitchell  is pure gold IMHO….everything he touches is just magical and each time I see him live I find myself mesmerised by the sheer quality of his guitar playing…..and then Craig Blundell…..well Steven Wilson employs him which is one of the greatest things you could have on your CV and I have to say his drum solo was just insane…..Messers Godfrey, Mitchell & King just stood and admired his antics as did us audience members…..not sure there was a jaw in the place that hadn’t dropped.
The encore of the mind blowing ‘Black Light Machine’ and ‘The Other Me’ was a perfect end to an evening which everyone in the crowd thoroughly enjoyed and speaking to John Mitchell & Jem Godfrey afterwards it was clear to see that the band too had enjoyed their evening at the Bilston Robin… time they play….make sure you are there, you won’t be disappointed.
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