UK-based European band ‘The Dark Light’ react to creativity being crushed as ‘Brexit Day’ loomed with new single ‘Glory Days’
Members of rock’n’roll band The Dark Light decided to give away their latest single, Glory Days, to fans for free on ‘Brexit Day’. The fact it didn’t happen on Oct 31st is neither here nor there, the move was an aim to unify people on what has become a hugely divisive subject – on a day expected to be overrun with dismay and disagreement. The European-savvy band penned the song, not as a ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ stance, but as a reflection on the torment witnessed by many factions of British society during the past three years.
The band is currently active in European business, with planned gigs in Milan and Barcelona for 2020. The band’s first album was released with Unknown Pleasures Records, a Franco-Spanish music label. Band members hail from a varied background:
Gerard Edwards – voice – Liverpool, UK Sonny Moylan – bass – East London, UK Roberto Cicorella – guitar – Bari, Italy
Gorka Ibañez – drums – Basque Country (community of Spain)
The band has a collectively strong opinion on political discourse and the social impact that music can have on a community. Their Liverpudlian lead singer notes, “Positively, the band agrees music, art, and creativity will always bring people together.” Adversely, indecision on the Government’s official freedom of movement stance post-Brexit has played a large role in networking for The Dark Light, as invitations to play on double-bill events in London have been turned down on several occasions by European-based bands since 2016.

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