I’m Free is the new single from The Celtic Social Club.

Out now via Kitchen Disco Records, you can hear the track and see the video that has almost 30,000 views at : www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBx9KS7EgOM

With one foot in tradition and the other firmly in musical invention, THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB continues, after five years, with their third album – FROM BABLYON TO AVALON.

Boosted by the arrival of lead singer and guitarist Dan Donnelly (The Wonder Stuff, The Levellers, The Wooden Faces), from Ireland, the band have never sounded so powerful, compact and natural as they rejuvenate and reconstruct melodies from Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and Asturias to give them a modern edge.

Produced, recorded and mixed in both France and the United States, by Manu Masko and New Yorker Ariel Borujow (Black Eyed Peas, Cee Lo), these eleven new songs strengthen the links between tradition, new energy and songwriting. THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB remains one

of the only current groups to build a contemporary bridge between Celtic music, rock and pop.

Having found success in France, THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB are now turning their heads towards a rapidly growing fanbase here in the United Kingdom. Complete with new bonus tracks, this UK release of FROM BABYLON TO AVALON will also be available on vinyl for the first time ever!

But the band’s recognition hasn’t stopped here. Fans from all over the world discovered their intoxicating mix of music as they completed recent tours in the United States, China,

Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Czechia, Algeria…

The music of CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB knows no boundaries, taking genres from all over the world and making them their own as they continue their musical journey to ever growing success.

DAN DONNELLY : Lead Vocal, Guitars

Originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland, Dan Donnelly was raised on Celtic music. His grandfather was a fiddle player and his father a guitarist. Dan gained some success with Irish band Watercress with whom he sang, played mandolin and didgeridoo amongst other things. In 2000 he moved to NYC where he started a solo career and played with Joy Zipper. Dan has supported Phoenix and Air and has been a touring member of The Levellers, The Oyster Band and The Wonder Stuff.

RONAN LE BARS : Uilleann Pipe, Whitles

Ronan Le Bars is one of the world’s leading masters of Uillean Pipes. He fronts his own internationally renowned 5 piece group, however has been a member of Celtic Heritage

with Dan Ar Bras that featured in Eurovision 1996 from Oslo. He has also been a recording artist with French industrylegends Alan Stivell and Johnny Halliday.

MANU MASKO : Drums, Keyboard, Backing vocals, Musical director

Drummer and producer Manu Masko calls himself a ‘Sound Maker’ and in this guise he has created music for advertisements, soundtracks for radio, film and television. He was the brains behind the quirky but popular ‘Don’t forget my Breakfast’ album in 2000. As a drummer he has enjoyed

success with American rock Trio John Doe, Breton folk rock stalwarts Red Cardell and now Celtic Social Club, his own creation.


Pierre Stephan is a virtuoso violinist steeped in the Breton Celtic tradition. He marries his years of experience in Fest Noz playing with a modern approach to the instrument that makes him one of the leading Breton players. He is a member of The Ronan Le Bars Group and also plays with many iof the

most popular Breton bands.

GOULVEN HAMEL : Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Backing vocals

Goulven Hamel is perhaps better known as a music journalist and novelist however he has a long spanning career as a rock guitarist. A one-time collaborator with Cathal Coughlan ( Micro Disney, The Fatima Mansions), Goulven was raised with folk music both American and European; however he brings a rock element to anything he plays on like legendary french singer Miossec.

MATHIEU PEQUERIAU : Harmonica, Washboard, Dub psychedelia effects, Backing Vocals

Mathieu is one of the worlds masters of harmonica. He is personally endorsed by Lee Oskar who phoned him up to tell him he could have whatever Lee Oskar harmonica he wanted whenever. A member of French Breton institution Red Cardell, he also plays with the collective Uni.k which unites

different artists. He has played and collaborated in many projects, on stage and in the studio.

RICHARD PUAUD : Bass, Backing vocals

Studio owner and sought after independent producer and engineer Richard Puaud is also a recognized multi-instrumentalist and bass player. He has played on stage or in the studio with among others : Alexandre Varlet – African artists Mawndoé and Youss banda – Ibiza electro project La Caina



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