In March 2021, Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer released their second live album Live By Fire II, which included a truly triumphant show captured in Mexico City in 2019. But Enforcer haven’t been reveling in past glories for the last few months, quite the opposite! Brothers Olof and Jonas Wikstrand have been locked up in their own Hvergelmer Studio crafting new songs. Now, following their latest heavy metal anthem Kiss Of Death, the band have unleashed their next single At The End Of The Rainbow. The song was picked as a single based on the reaction from fans after releasing demo snippets of several tracks they’re currently working on. The beautiful single artwork was created by Subhuman Illustrations.

Check out the single here:

Olof Wikstrand comments: “At the end of the Rainbow is a high energy heavy metal tune in line with the melodic Swedish metal tradition. It was by far the most requested song in our previous fan poll so this one is for you all! Enjoy the hell out of it. Heavy metal rules the universe!”  

Kiss Of Death official music video:
Watch the video series documenting their work in the studio from demo stage to final mix:

Live By Fire II offers an intense and passionate performance captured in front of a truly dedicated and wild audience in Mexico City in 2019. From the speed metal attack of ‘Destroyer’, ‘Searching For You’ and ‘Midnight Vice’ to perfect sing-alongs like ‘From Beyond’‘One Thousand Years In Darkness’ and ‘Take Me Out Of This Nightmare’, the enthusiastic crowd and powerful sound of Live By Fire II result in a captivating and extremely entertaining listen.

Get Live By Fire II in the format of your choice, here:
Watch the full live show here:

‘Destroyer’ Official Live Video:
‘From Beyond’ Official Live Video:

Olof Wikstrand | vocals, guitars
Jonas Wikstrand | drums, piano & keyboards
Tobias Lindqvist | bass
Jonathan Nordwall | guitars