David Ramirez is today sharing new single ‘Lover, Will You Lead Me’ alongside the announcement of a run of UK/EU tour-dates in May, including London’s The Lexington on 30/05. The new single (out today via Thirty Tigers) arrives following his critically-acclaimed 2017 LP ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere’ and makes up the first of a three-part short story, ‘My Love is A Hurricane’. You can read part one of the the story (written by Brittney McKenna) below and stream the new single here:

My Love Is A Hurricane
Part 1: “Lover, Will You Lead Me”

You wake up, once again, to the bright red numbers of your alarm clock staring back at you: 2:48 am. Rolling over, you reach to the other side of the bed, reach for her familiar shape, but find only empty sheets and a few scraps of paper. You remember, as you do each night, as you have each night for the past 32 days, that she is gone. You haven’t changed the sheets since the last time she slept there. You don’t want to wash her away.

I recognized you from some distant dream, like when it rains on a cold day. I had a chill in my bones. It’s true what they say, “When you know, you know.”

You knew when you met her. You saw her across the patio at your usual haunt and told your buddies to go ahead and rent some tuxes. You had found the woman you wanted to marry.

She gave you her number that night, but you, ever cautious and a bit nervous, didn’t call. You thought about calling every day until eventually enough time had passed that whatever fantasy you had for the two of you had waned into abstraction, had gone too far out of reach as to resemble anything like reality. Then you saw her again – at the same bar, wearing the same dress as that first meeting – and she marched up to you with a grin on her face, and told you to finish your drink because you were going on a date right then and there. It was the best first date you’d ever had.

One after another ended in pain and shame. I started to wonder if I had what it took to be a lover

In short order, y’all were a couple. A thing. Real. You’d never been in love before, not like this; and the feeling grew so strong inside you that all those sad-sack songs you wrote, the ones about loss and loneliness and rage and regret, all grew quiet. They were drowned out by songs of love.

You wanted to write an album of love. You wanted to write an album of her.

Hallelujah, love is real.

To be continued March 6th 2020….

– – – – – – – – – –


22.5 Odense, Denmark @ Posten

23.5 Fano, Denmark @ Fano Vesterland SOLD OUT

24.5 Arhus, Denmark @ Train

25.5 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Amager Bio

26.5 Berlin, Germany @ Musik & Frieden

27.5 Koln, Germany @ Helios 37

28.5 Leiden, Netherlands @ QBus Club

29.5 Groningen, Holland @ Der-Aa Theater

30.5 London, UK @ The Lexington

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