Five Hundred Winters Are Coming


Nottingham metallers reveal new song

The Five Hundred are the latest in technical, melodic metal from the rough streets of Nottingham, UK. Dealing in an array of down-tuned riffs and barbed hooks performed on beastly 8-string guitars, the band unleash an avalanche of crushing technical groove and belligerent aggression, broken up by some searing leads, haunting vocal melodies and devastating, earth-shaking breakdowns.

The ear-rattling outfit have just released a new music video for the song ‘Winters’, taken from their debut EP.

You can watch the video that was premiered over at Metal Hammer Germany and Heavy Mag Australia here:

The band say this about the video:

“The track is about the miserable and negative people that try to bring you down to their level.

The lyrics go:

“The winters of your grief

Shut off that sound it’s deafening

Ripping away belief

A worry that weighs a ton…”

Every musician or band starting out has had to deal, at some point, with the naysayers, the killjoys and the downers – the people who are so miserable in their own existence that they spend their energy and time trying to bring others down. “Get a real job. Get a career. Get a mortgage, a pension plan, financial security. Quit this rock n roll pipe dream. So, this song goes out to them. All of that noise and negativity just spurs us on, and we wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for their inspiration.
The video was recorded by Shaun Hodson of Loki Films, who’s recently done some wicked videos for bands such as Black Tongue, Heart In Hand, and TRC. Filmed in some undisclosed location in the woods of Nottingham (we weren’t allowed to be there and had to switch off the power and hide in the dark a few times so we wouldn’t be spotted!). It was cold, rainy and miserable, which is exactly what we needed it to be for this video. ”

Their first EP (released in November 2015) received rave reviews across the metal press, with their debut single premiering on Kerrang! Radio, The Radio 1 Rock Show, and playing on Kerrang TV and Scuzz. They are due to release a second EP in 2016, with a full album to follow in early 2017 (all released produced by Justin Hill – SiKth, Heart Of A Coward, Betraying The Martyrs, etc.)

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