October 2020 will see Gascon duo The Inspector Cluzo release a live acoustic album The Organic Farmers Season – Unplugged Live 2020. Ahead of album release the band are set to launch the third video for the song Fishermen.

You can watch the majestic performance here – https://youtu.be/XCmPCBNRDrE

The video was recorded in Biarritz at Casino Barrière, at a sold out show, it was the last gig of the Unplugged February tour. This song is really famous among The Inspector Cluzo Community, as it’s a famous part of the band’s wild rock show. Fans can’t wait that moment of the performance where they could scream along ” For my family”, being part of a rock show, a family show. Here this is the unplugged version…and nothing changes.

Brothers In Ideals – Unplugged Live 2020, offers a great initial look into the whole album. The Organic Farmers Season – Unplugged Live 2020, shines a new light on the band known for having their fingers in the electric socket. The album features the Neil Young cover My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue), alongside a host of The Inspector Cluzo classics. The album was produced by engineer/mixer/producer Vance Powell (Jack White, Seasick Steve, Raconteurs, Stapleton, Clutch) & the mastering engineer Pete Lyman (Chris Stapleton, Tom Waits…..) , two royalties in the world of warm and woody analogic, gave the best of themselves to the two Gascons. Motivated not by ambition, not by compassion:  simply because these songs deserved this kind of unruly respect, this messed up elegance, this American instinct. For these acoustic songs to make so much noise, their discreet science of sound was critical. It allowed two Gascon boys to highjack the spirit of unplugged recordings and turn it into filtered mayhem, tamed but not domesticated. There is plenty to hear, within the gaps, in these versions
Full album track listing below:

  1. A Man Outstanding In His Field
  2. The sand Preacher
  3. Cultural Misunderstanding


  1. The Run
  2. Lost In Translations
  3. Lou Casse Theme
  4. Fishermen
  5. The Globalisation Blues
  6. The Best
  7. We The People Of the Soil
  8. Hey Hey My My
  9. Brothers In Ideals
  10. No Deal At Crossroads
  11. Little Girl And The Whistlin’ Train

In keeping with their reputation as one the most prolific touring bands in the world (The Inspector Cluzo have played over 1000 shows in 65 countries to date), the band completed sold out USA support tours with Clutch and Eels in 2019 alongside a host of festival appearances across the globe (including Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil) and a maiden US headline tour.

The Inspector Cluzo had a series of European festivals and supports slots booked for 2020 – including Ramblin’ Man Fair and supports to Clutch – that have now been postponed due to Covid 19. The festivals and gigs are looking to be rescheduled asap.