Featured Release: Dimlight: The Lost Chapters


Ambitious and lofty historical fantasy horror from Greece

According to Dimlight themselves, “THE LOST CHAPTERS” is a concept album – a novel put to music and vice versa.

The story narrated in this album is the origin story of the Egyptian goddess Hathor. Drawing inspiration from the oldest Egyptian myths, Hathor is portrayed not as a goddess of love, joy and fertility as most people today generally consider her, but as bringer of bloodshed and vengeance upon mankind who strayed from the path of the gods into blasphemy.

In truth, it’s an elaborate mythos of the horror, historical fantasy genre recounting the grim tale of Hathor’s birth and her rampage through the lands of pre-Pharaonic Egypt.
Before the dynasties of human / mortal Pharaohs of recorded history the gods reigned over Egypt with Osiris at the throne. But Osiris had grown old. His skin was gradually turning into gold, his hair into lapis lazuli, his eyes into emeralds – he was turning into a statue, for that is how age affects the gods. Mortal men would no longer respect his authority or fear him for he had no more spells / words of power to maintain his former strength.

So they turned from him and became blasphemers.
Osiris, wishing to chastise them, uses the last of his magic to create Hathor, a new-born beautiful goddess, with one sole purpose: to chastise mankind.

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