Beer, Sabbath and Satan

“Take a beer from your cooler, step into your moshing position, put on Black Sabbath in your right earphone, then blast some Entombed in your left. Drink more. Can you feel Satan? Proceed to vomit Black Royal”

Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Black Royal was formed early 2013. The quartet’s music combines modern sludge with nineties death metal and classic seventies influences. Inspired by beer and occult teachings their music is laced with distortion and growls proclaiming various themes, varying from free thinking to anti religious stance.

Black Royal´s debut EP “The Summoning pt. 1” was released in February 2015. It was well received in Finnish media and got great feedback from public also. This resulted that the band played quite a few gigs for the band all over Finland and The Baltics.

After all the partying on the road, it was time to continue on the left hand path and begin work for the follow up. The songwriting started immediately after the debut was released . The riffs were piling up one after another, so ten songs were demoed for further inspection.

The aim was to dive deeper into the darkness. In the very early stages of writing it was decided that thematics should include an ancient evilry in remote districts, a diabolical wickedness that´s still alive in black forests and abandoned houses leading people to alcoholism, mental illness and incest.

In October  2015 the band took a break from touring and settled in a cabin, deep in the forest with a loads of beverages, skulls and The Black Bible. The weekend was successful and alongside the occultism they managed to capture eight drunken-yet-quite-proper-demos for
upcoming studio recordings.

The whole thing was taking shape with continuity – also lyrically- moving naturally from part 1 to part 2, penetrating deeper into the cause. From self-education, self-assertion and persevere steps on the left hand path one arrives on the brink of his undeniable demise. And from where walking through purgatory and by the relief of his own death one will reborn more powerful, fearless and whole.

In January 2016 the band entered the MSTR-studio once again to record five songs with the J. Kulomaa acting as a gentle executioner. An intro was needed to complete the picture and to guide the listeners into our world. Therefore, the instrumental “Purgatory” was recorded in Armless Stranger HQ in February 2016.

Now released “The Summoning Pt. 2” -EP continues on the same path as the debut-EP, only this time it goes further, deeper into more darkened woods where smiles disappear and left hand path is the only saviour… Into damnation.