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Canadian thrashers who recently announced a new album and new shows

Fast forward to 2005. The 1986 AGGRESSION’s unreleased album Forgotten Skeleton gets unleashed and sees the band reunite at Montreal Metal Massacre fest 2005. Unable to commit to anything more than a few reunion shows, it was decided that the band would be put to rest once more. In the summer of 2014, band founder Denis Sasquatch Barthe hand picked players around him to breathe life back into Aggression. Changing home base from Montreal, QC to Vancouver, BC, Sasquatch recruited vocalist Brian Langley (from Toronto Thrash metal legends Infernal Majesty), bassist Martin Meyer (ex-Disciples of Power, Life Against Death), guitarist Dave Watson (Entropia) and Ryan Murray Idris (Expain) on drums. Since that time, the band has been its most active ever. In  2015, the band toured and co-headlined a number of festivals and select cities throughout North America along with releasing their first album of new material in 27 years entitled ‘Fractured Psyche Demons’ via Galy Records.


*band line up for recordings was Denis Sasquatch Barthe (guitar and backup vocals), Botcher (vocals), Burn (guitar), Dug (bass) and Gate (drums and backup vocals).

*1985 – *4 track demo

*1986 – *Live (14 track live album)

*1986  -* 4 Track demo

*1986 – Forgotten Skeleton (originally recorded in 1986 and later released in 2004)

1987 – The Full Treatment (full length) – band lineup for The Full Treatment was Denis Sasquatch Barthe (guitar and backup vocals), Cactus Pete (vocals) Dug (bass and backup vocals) and Gate (drums and backup vocals)

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