Ever wondered who your rock & metal heroes would love to share a stage with?

Welcome to the first of a new feature article in which we ask your favourite rockers and rollers who would they most like to form a band with. First up is former DragonForce, and now I Am I, frontman ZP Theart.

The rules, if we abide by such things, are that the band must be made up of the following: 1 Vocalist, 1 Drummer, 1 Bassist, 2 Guitarists and 1 Keyboard/Piano player, if required. The band will be called Maximum Volume.

ZP, like ourselves in the MV office, is in his late thirties and therefore grew up on an unhealthy diet on Classic Eighties Hard Rock and Metal. So who has he chosen to be in his fantasy band?

ZP Theart (Vocals) – That’s right, the man himself will front his own fantasy band. Why wouldn’t he?!! Every great rock band needs a charismatic and vocally commanding frontman. ZP his every one of his own requirements.

Gene Hoglan (Drums) – the drummer of choice for many great metal bands such as Death, Dark Angel, Testament, Opeth to name but a few. He is recognised as one of the most creative drummers in the business.

Billy Sheehan (Bass) – The Mr.Big bass player regularly top many a Best Bass Player poll and ZP believes the man is a monster. The perfect rhythm backing with the genius of Gene Hoglan.

Slash (Guitar) – Former GNR & Velvet Revolver six-string slinger Saul Hudson is the man for ZP. If a rock band needs a riff then there is no one better in the business to call on than the legendary top-hatted guitar god. He would also prove very handy in the songwriting department.

C.C. DeVille (Guitar) – a surprise choice you might think given the criticism the Poison lead guitarist gets from the critics but ZP wants the axeman in his line-up and what ZP wants…..he gets.

N/A (Keyboard/Piano) – This is a full-on no nonsense rock band. Therefore there is no room for a keyboard players in ZP’s line-up.