From Memphis to the astral plane

Memphis mind-benders Spaceface have teamed up with the folks at Consequence Of Sound to premiere their beautifully psychedelic new single “Cowboy Lightning” [LINK]. One can tell from the opening notes of the song that they are clearly about to be taken for a ride into uncharted territory. Clocking in at under 3 minutes “Cowboy Lighting” is a tightly controlled wash of melodic vocals, reverb drenched guitars, and a rhythmic urgency that is driven along by an insanely catchy bass line. The band which is fronted by Jake Ingalls (keyboardist/guitarist for The Flaming Lips) has sincere plans on further establishing their notch on the musical spectrum with the release of their debut album Sun Kids which is set to drop in early 2017. As the first official single, “Cowboy Lightning”  puddles listeners with a heavy dose of spiraling psychedelia and provides a ‘tone-setting’ introduction to an album that is as mouth watering as it is transcendental.

When asked to comment on the track, Ingalls offered up the following about the recording process and the bands creative evolution:

“The song, in my opinion, bridges the gap of where we’ve been as a group seeing ourselves as a really rockin’ band and points towards where we’re headed with the recording and writing process; honing in on rhythms and adding more spacial, cosmic arrangements by adding different layers of keyboards and running drum mixes through old moogs. I think it’s also the first song we’ve recorded falsettos on, which was a lot of fun in the studio, I think it was a random idea we had really late night in the studio for Eric and I to do our best sorta Supremes impressions over the lyrics. Even though everyone was laughing, I really liked the way they sounded and decided it should be turned up in the mix. ” 

Sonically and aesthetically Spaceface is a band operating in both the present and the past. With one foot firmly planted in the acid-tested and love laced 60’s and the other solidly mired in the musically bi-polar and often unpredictable landscape that we currently find ourselves in, Spaceface is a band poised to defy expectations and genre. Serving up the best of both hemispheres and doing so with an effortless level of ‘cool’ that only accompanies a band built on friendship, virtuosity, and a dedication to their craft, these six boys have seen the light and it is warm, welcoming and oh so sweet.


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